Precautions To Be Taken When Purchasing Property

Precautions To Be Taken When Purchasing Property

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Today we are back with a new important topic for you. As we all know in generally every person has to buy some kind of property at some point in his life. It is very important that the decisions must be made accurately when purchasing residential or commercial property. But the common man does not know what precautions should be taken while buying shops, offices, houses, flats, apartments, bungalows, row-houses, residential open plots, commercial properties or any property and what documents should be checked for the same. So what are the documents to be checked and what precautions should be taken while buying a property so that the first experience of buying a home can be made comfortable without making it financially burdensome.

First of all, the documents provided by the owner, developer or builder need to be examined by lawyers. Thus the process of purchase of Shop/Office / House/ flats should be started after the attorneys, lawyers certify that all the documents are correct. Similarly, a public notice should be issued in Marathi, Hindi and English newspapers to ensure that the property is clear and objections should be sought and if there is any objection, it should be settled.

If the Shop/ Office/ flat / House/ plots etc. property is of registered co-operative housing society, then it is necessary to get a 'No Objection Certificate' from the housing society and a 'No Dues Certificate' from the society as well as a property tax payment receipt from the Municipal Corporation. Then it is necessary to draft of agreement in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed between the buyer and the seller in consultation with the appropriate lawyers and to register the document at registrars office. If there is parking space, as well as other facilities available, it is necessary to clearly mention it in the draft or agreement. Otherwise legal issues may arise.

  • · Property card

  • · Original Agreement (Registry)

  • · Approved layout plan (Map)

  • · Building construction plan (map)

  • · Property Tax receipt

  • · 7/12 or City Survey Record

  • · Non-Agriculture Certificate of Collector (NA)

  • · Town Planning Department (TP, RL)

  • · Approval Commencement Of Building Construction Certificate Issued By The Municipal Corporation

  • · Development agreement or Registered power of attorney between land owner and developer (if taking from builder)

  • · Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Certificate

Thereafter, if the plot property is as per the approved layout, then the plan and order in this regard, development agreement between the land owner and the developer, non-agricultural certificate (NA) of the Collector, Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) certificate, 7/12 of the original land owner or A copy of the City Survey should be checked by a lawyer. It contains all the records regarding land acquisition. The land owner should ensure that all taxes have been paid by the due date. Ensure that the owner did not entered into any written or oral agreement with anyone. If there are other names other than owner mentioned in 7/12 or City Survey, whose names are included, the consent of the persons is required at the time of purchase of the plot. If there is mentioned in 7/12 or on the transcript of the City Survey, check the records of co-operative banks, credit unions, societies, government loans or mortgages in other claims to see if it has been repaid.

If there is a reservation for any public works on the plot property, the concerned 'Town Planner' Collector, Office Land Acquisition Department should inquire about it. Such plot property should not be purchased without the permission of the Collector if there is a verse entitled to section 43 of the Tribal Act on the transcript of 7/12. Also, on the transcript of 7/12, if there is a remark of 84 (a) in other rights, such property can be collected by the government.

  • · * Maps as per approved layout,

  • · * Development Agreement between Land Owner and Developer,

  • · * Non-Agriculture Certificate of Collector (NA)

  • · * Town Planning Department (TP)

  • · * Original Land Owner's 7/12 or City Survey record

  • · * Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Certificate

After verification of all the above documents, public notice should be given to make sure that it is clear and objections should be sought and if there is any objection, it should be settled. If you buy a plot with legal advice in this way, there will be no legal and other problems for house building. Friends, let us know if you find the above information useful or not; If you like it, please tell others. In order to bring back some new information like this you must like and follow us on our Facebook and Instagram account of

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